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Noelia presents science-based talks on leadership development and skill-building workshops in digital marketing.

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The Power of Body Language

How strong is your first impression? Become the most memorable person in the room by learning the science behind charisma and how to use body language to your advantage in business, social, and personal interactions.

Personal Brand Building

Got a message to share or a movement to start? Learn how to increase your visibility and build and noteworthy brand and business. In this workshop, we cover how to create your story and develop your intellectual property.

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About Noelia

Noelia Sanchez is a Branding and Digital Strategist. She is focused on helping high achievers transform the way the market, brand and communicate their genius.

Noelia holds a BA in Linguistics from UC Santa Barbara, is a certified body Language trainer with the Science of People, and a Content Marketing Expert with Digital Marketer.

When she is not working with thought leaders and change agents, you can find her indulging in her fabric obsession. As a self-taught seamstress, she loves to make her own clothes and teaches the occasional dressmaking workshop.

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Noelia has over 15 years experience working with nonprofits and small businesses.

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